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When can I book The Mountain Channel Tour?
The Mountain Channel Tour begins operating on September 17 to March 31, 2022.

How much does it cost?
There are two types of cabins.
The Tourist Cabin costs USD$313.00 for adults and $156.00 for children.
The VIP Cabin costs USD$375.00 for adults and USD$188.00 for children.

What is the difference between the cabins?
The VIP Cabin includes transfers from and to Puerto Natales hotels, breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee and port taxes. The Tourist Cabin
includes breakfast, lunch, snacks with vegan options and port taxes.

What are the VIP Cabin snacks?
The snacks are water, mixed nuts and a cereal bar.

Is there a cafeteria where I can buy additional food?
The ship has a cafeteria that offers drinks
and snacks. The accepted form of payment is cash, either dollars or Chilean pesos.

What is the navigation’s meeting point?
The meeting point is Prat Pier (EPA) in Puerto Natales at 06:30 AM for Tourist Cabin passengers. VIP passengers will be picked-up at their hotels
between 06:00 and 06:15 AM.

How many outings are there per week?
There will be two outings per week, one on Wednesday and the other on Saturday.

Is it possible to sail on other days of the week?
Yes, departures can be evaluated on a per day basis. For inquiries, contact an executive at email canalfds@lagogrey.com.

Where is the departure point?
We depart from Prat Pier (EPA), located on Avenida Costanera del Estrecho #1398, Puerto Natales at 06:30 AM.

Is there a guide aboard?
There are bilingual guides, as well as hosts and an entertainment system.

Is there a park entry fee?
There is no charge for entering Kaweskar National Park.

What is the travel time?
The round trip is approximately eight hours; however, it could last longer depending on weather or other special conditions.

Will we get off of the boat?
The Mountain Channel is a contemplative navigation from which we will not disembark, since the journey’s beauty can be appreciated from the boat.

What is the boat capacity?
The total boat capacity is 120 passengers, twenty-four in the VIP Cabin and ninety-six in the Tourist Cabin.

What clothing is recommended?
Since the dynamic weather makes it possible to experience four seasons in one day, we recommend lots of layers — long-underwear, a fleece, down and
rain jacket, as well as hat, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen and comfortable shoes.

What are the required documents?
A Chilean identity card or valid passport is needed in case a trip is canceled due to weather conditions.

Do you offer refunds?
In the event that a navigation is canceled by us due to weather conditions, 100% of your money is refunded within a period of seven to ten business days.

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When can I reserve a trip to Magdalena Island?
The Magdalena Island Tour operates fromOctober 8 to March 31, 2022.

How much does it cost: The boat has two types of cabins — The Tourist Cabin costs
USD$106.00 and the VIP Cabin costs USD$123.00.

What is the difference between the cabins?
The Tourist Cabin’s meeting point is Prat Pier. The VIP Cabin includes a hotel pick-up and premium snack.

What is the VIP Cabin snack?
The snack consists of water, mixed nuts and a cereal bar.

Where is the meeting point?
The meeting point is at the Bus Sur Office located on Calle Cristóbal Colón #842.

How many daily departures do you have?
We have two daily departures. One in the morning with check in at 07:00 and departure at 08:00 AM, and one in the afternoon with check in at
01:30 and departure at 02:30 PM.

Where is the departure from?
The Fiordos del Sur III Catamaran is docked at Prat Pier, which is located on Avenida Costanera del Estrecho #1398.

Does it include a guide?
There is a bilingual guide aboard.

Does it include park entrance?
Yes, park entrance is included in the cost.

Are snack purchases available?
Yes, it is possible to buy beverages and snacks.

How long is the trip?
It is an hour and a half sailing one way, one hour on the island and an hour and a half back.

Do we get off the boat?
Once arriving to the island, passengers have one hour to appreciate the Magellanic penguins, always respecting CONAF regulations, up close.

What is the boats capacity?
The total capacity is 168 passengers.

What clothing is recommended?
The weather is very dynamic, making it possible to experience four seasons in one day, so we recommend dressing in layers.

Are there refunds?
In the event that a navigation is canceled by us due to weather conditions, 100% of your money will be refunded within seven to ten business days.

When is the Grey Glacier season?
The Summer Season is from September 1 to April 30. The Winter Season is from May 1 to August 31.

How many daily departures are there?
In the summer, there are 10:00 AM and 01:00 PM departures. In October to April, there are 10:00 AM, 01:00 PM and 04:00 PM departures. In
winter, there are Wednesday and Saturday departures at 11:00 AM.

How much does it cost?
The round trip visit to the glacier costs USD$106.00. The one way visit from hotel to refuge or vice versa costs USD$94.00. Children between five and twelve-years-old have a fifty percent discount. Infants under four-years-old do not pay.

Does it include a guide?
There are bilingual Spanish and English guides.

Can I make a reservation at Hotel Lago Grey or must it be done in advance?
It is recommended to book in advance due to a high volume of visitors every year.

How do I make a reservation?
You can book on our website by emailing one of our executives at navigation@lagogrey.com.

How do I get from Puerto Natales to Hotel Lago Grey?
There are several options. First, you can travel by private vehicle from Puerto Natales along Route Nine’s waterfront sector. From here, make a detour onto Route Y-150, passing Cueva del Milodón to arrive to Portería Serrano, a Torres del Paine National Park entrance. Entry tickets, which should be booked in advance at www.aspticket.cl, are required. Continue along the main route to the Administration Sector and follow signs indicating Hotel Lago Grey. You can also travel by a public bus departing from the Puerto Natales Terminal located at Avenida España 1455. Information on itineraries and prices can be consulted directly at the companies that offer passenger transport services, or in the bus terminal. Thirdly, you can travel via a private transfer service offered by various agencies in Puerto Natales.

Where do I check-in?
Enter Hotel Lago Gray and go to the “navigation desk.” Once you are there, wait for the captain’s confirmation to start check-in.

Where is the catamaran docked?
Once checked in, if you have a private vehicle, you should return to the main road, turn right and drive approximately two minutes to the next parking lot in the Pingo Cafeteria Sector. From here, walk approximately forty minutes, crossing a bridge just after the cafeteria, a forest and Grey Beach until you reach a boat located at the end of the beach, where we will begin the boarding process.

How many kilometers are there from Hotel Lago Grey to the catamaran?
Approximately three kilometers, one point five kilometers by car and another one point five kilometers on foot.

What does the tour include?
The tour consists of a visit to the Grey Glacier that lasts approximately two hours and thirty minutes. Grey III visits the glacier’s three faces, lake conditions permitting. Once aboard, enjoy a courtesy Pisco or Calafate Sour. If you do not drink alcohol, there are juices and sodas available. During the entire navigation, you are accompanied by guides and crew members. You must first check-in at Hotel Lago Grey one hour before departure and then walk along the beach for thirty to forty-five minutes to reach the boat.

What is the difference between a round and one-way trip?
Our round trip (RT) consists of an entire journey aboard the catamaran with views of Grey Glacier. There are two types of one ways (OW). The hotel to refuge route lasts for approximately forty- five minutes from Grey Beach to Grey Refuge without passing Grey Glacier. The refuge to hotel
route is from Grey Refuge to Grey Beach and visits Grey Glacier during the first or second section. On the third section, the catamaran passes by the glacier first then continues to the refuge. * One Way tickets are considered for visitors who have scheduled activities in Grey

Is there a food service on the catamaran?
Once aboard, you can buy snacks and drinks.

Can you bring drinks and food aboard?
Yes, it is OK to bring food and beverages to consume aboard. If you bring an alcoholic beverage in a bottle, you should pay a server to uncork it.

Can I pay for my reservation once I arrive at the hotel?
No, in order to ensure your space, you must make the payment as soon as you receive your reservation confirmation.

Is there a telephone or WiFi signal aboard the catamaran?
Within the park and specifically in Grey Sector, we do not have a telephone or WiFi signal; therefore, aboard Grey III, connection
is impossible.

Can I pay with a card aboard?
No. WiFi connection is not possible, so it is very difficult for card payment services to work.

If the navigation is cancelled, is there a refund?
In cases of cancellation due to weather or technical factors, there is a 100% refund.

What are the possible reasons for cancellation?
The predominant factor is strong wind, as well as technical factors that may arise.

What is the deadline to cancel a reservation?
You can cancel one week before your departure date. Groups over seven can cancel fifteen days beforehand with no charge.

What clothing should I wear?
It will depend on weather conditions on the day of your navigation, so come prepared by dressing in layers, a hat, trekking shoes for the walk to the dock, windbreaker, sunglasses etc.

Can you smoke on the catamaran?
No, it is strictly forbidden to smoke aboard and in unauthorized areas within the Torres del Paine National Park.

What is the catamaran’s maximum capacity?
Ninety-eight people, including children and infants, can board at a time.

What documents are required to board?
You must present a Chilean identity card or valid passport.


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